Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tips for a Cute Pregnancy: Your Waist

Yes, you do actually have a waist, even while your pregnant. It's just higher than it used to be! And in nine outfits out of ten, it simply looks better to define it.
Tip #2: Define your waist.
Some maternity shirts have elastic or detailing that defines it for you. But for many shirts, or if you're using a piece from your regular wardrobe, a thin to skinny belt can be a big help.
 That non maternity shirt again, with a belt to make it work!

I especially love to use belts early on, when it's hard for people to tell if you're actually pregnant or if you ate too much turkey and stuffing! Given the options, since I am pregnant, I'd rather look pregnant!

Here's an example of what a belt can do:


Same outfit, same day, same angle, all I did was add a belt. It's fast, easy and cheap, but it really can make a huge difference!

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  1. I love the first outfit! Funny how gold is making a comeback :) I think I'll have to jump on the band wagon one of these days.