Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Sewing

You wouldn't know it from the blog so far, but I have sons. Two of them (maybe even three, just don't know about the baby yet!). And while I love them every bit as much as Sugar Muffin, they haven't really made it on here, because I don't sew for them very much. To be perfectly honest, little boys just aren't as much fun to sew for as little girls.

Unless, of course, you're in the market for some Cowboy Duds!

We are in need of some masculine dress up clothes this year, and when I ran across this picture it got me thinking:

This was the cheapest version, and it still cost a hefty chunk of my Christmas budget. But that's what sewing machines are for! So I pulled out some scraps and an old pattern and got to work.

The pattern was a size four, but I scaled it up a bit to give Snickerdoodle some room to grow. I chose a cotton in his favorite blue, to contrast with a dollar store bandana. I also found some gold fabric in the stash, so I decided to add a sheriff star - one more free element added to the outfit!

I printed out a free star template, and made it a smidge smaller. I put the gold scrap on the wrong side of the front piece, sewed around the star (twice, so it doesn't fray too much) and clipped out the center to let the gold show through.

I need to iron it (it's not as crooked in real life as it looks here), and the vest looks a little lonely all by itself. But when the hat, bandana and stick horse arrive (Who wants chaps when you could have a stick horse instead!) I think it will fit the bill.

Now, I just hope he likes it!

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