Tuesday, December 3, 2013

For the Dress Obsessed . . .

Sugar Muffin is going through a dress phase - all she wants to wear is something with a swishy skirt. I can't blame her, after all, she got it from me! I was a good seven years old before I decided that pants had their merits, and I still love to wear skirts in daily life. So there was only one thing to do - make the girl some play dresses.
I had some fabric in my stash, and since Sugar Muffin looks great in royal blue, I picked up a shirt to match. Ruffles and Stuff has a fantastic play dress tutorial, so I won't go into that here, but they are super easy to whip up! They are also very cheap - an important factor for something that will probably acquire grass stains.

To decorate the top, I decided to try for a three flower corsage look. Unfortunately, it looks a bit more like a blue and white amoeba! But that's the fun of a play dress - it doesn't really matter if it turns out fantastic, or simply "meh", because it's just for everyday wear.

I made the skirt extra long and full for twirling and . . .

. . . the Princess is happy. And now we have something else to wear to Walmart that isn't velvet. ;-)

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