Saturday, October 26, 2013

Finished Plate Wall (and How My Husband Saved My Life)

And here it is, in all it's finished glory! My pictures don't do it justice, but it's one of my favorite spots in the house.

But even with all my prep work, the final install didn't come without hitting a snag. Do you see that random light switch in the lower right corner below?
Well, my Beloved happened to come home for lunch when I was working on nailing up the last plates, and pointed out that three of my plates were right above the switch and that if I nailed into a live wire, I could conceivably shock and/or electrocute myself.
Being just minutes away from a finished project, this was not what I wanted to hear.  After living in this house for five years, I still have no idea what that switch is supposed to do, other than mess up a perfectly nice wall. We've switched it on and off many times, without any visable effect. Which, however, doesn't prove that it's not live.  

After a few minutes of deep dejection, I came up with a plan B - buy some plastic plates. I hopped on e-bay, found two cheapies in the right size with colors I liked, and got them on their way. It ended up stretching out the project a few extra days, but the tacks in Kelly's hanging method don't go through the drywall, thus, possibly, sparing my life. (Thanks, Honey!)

And now, the Sad Before:

. . . and the Happily Ever After!

I am just delighted with how things turned out! Now that blank spot is filled, I have my plate wall, and . . . I'm still alive to enjoy it! ;-)

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  1. Yay! It's so happy and fun! And I couldn't be more relieved that your life was spared in the process. :) Thanks for sharing!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way