Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Texturized Bathroom

Earlier this year I decided to do something about one of my less favorite rooms - the Laundry/Bathroom. I've never been fond of the outhouse border around the ceiling, but it occurred to me that if I added some elements I liked I would have something else to look at while I'm in there. So I started making some small changes that added up to . . .  a new favorite room. :-)

Before: some baskets are a good start, but this room needs some texture! All that clutter doesn't help either.

 I started by putting a curtain over the cleaning supplies, and giving the lonely picture a friend:

It made such a difference, especially walking into the room!

Then I added some simple textural touches in the sink area. Soaps and toothpaste go into the woven charger I got from my sweet Grandma. I've got a soft spot for those chargers, they've held many a happy lunch. The toothbrushes live in a canning jar I covered with rope. It reminds me of a bee skep.

 In case you're wondering, there have been fresh flowers in that room nonstop since late March. Since my Wonderful Husband is a gardener, it's on of my free luxuries. :-)
Once I got started, I had to do something about the window. It's pretty private, and I wanted something that would let in the light. Before:
After: A quick fix for texture and color!
As for the budget, here's the breakdown:
Curtain rods: $6
Curtain rings: $10
Rope: $3.50
Burlap $2.75
Grand Total: $22.25
Not bad for an easy room freshener!  As I said, they were all small changes, but together they give the room a different feel. Now when I walk in to this room (which is often), I hardly even notice the outhouses. I just smile.
What do you use to bring texture to a room? Have you ever done a room refresh for $25 or less? Do tell!

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