Monday, July 13, 2015

A Household Equasion

With Baby Girl set to arrive any time now, nesting projects have been in full swing. Most of them have been of the needed-but-mundane variety. (Yes! Another casserole in the freezer! Would you like to see it? No, I thought not.) But a couple of them are of the fun, blog-worthy variety, and this is one of those.

So, what do you get when you add:

1 dresser from my Grandmother filled with fond memories, plus . . .

this paint, plus . . 

this plate collection, on . . .

This wall?

I don't know either. But I'm working on getting all the pieces together, and hopefully it will add up to something fun and cute when I'm done.

Oh, and about that wall. It now looks more like this:

I had the dining room primed all winter, but my kind and wonderful Father painted it for me last time he was down - in ONE DAY. Do you have any idea how many nap times that would have taken me? (Or how many household necessities would have been neglected while I worked on it?) SO wonderful! Up until now it has housed a collection of artwork by the kids and myself, just to keep it from looking so big and bare. We believe it's important to support local artists. ;-)

I have a plan for all that artwork, too. But that will be another project for another time. Right now I'm hoping to get this project done before the little one comes. I'll keep you posted!

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