Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Cheer

So, I said that one reason I enjoy playing with flowers is because of my Mom. The other is my Husband. After taking the flower arranging class as a teenager, I was fired up and ready to go. There was only one problem. A severe lack of flowers.

We didn't have a whole lot of flowers in the yard, and the ones we did have were not of the pick-and-use variety. I had no idea how to condition them, or even that any conditioning was needed! I wasn't enough of a green thumb to grow what I really needed, so after making a tiny arrangement or two and watching them wilt by evening, I moved on to other things.

Then, a decade or so later, I married a Green-thumb. I didn't realize when we got married the depth of of Kyle's enjoyment of growing things, but it wasn't long after the wedding when he started to bring his produce into the house. And it wasn't just fruits and vegetables!

Every year more and more flowers found their way into the yard. Suddenly, I had material to work with, and a husband who was happy to do the growing for me, and to encourage and admire my handiwork. I had picked up some tips over the years about how to treat different kinds of stems, so I had everything I needed to really enjoy flower arranging as a hobby.

I love to see pretty living things on the table and around the house, and Kyle loves to see me taking an interest in his "playing in the dirt". Together, I think we make some pretty (and tasty) stuff!

Zinnias, Queen Anne's Lace, Lemon Basil, Sedum, Black Eyed Susan, immature Pears and Pretty Weeds.

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