Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Iris: Country-fied and Textural

I've been so excited to discover that my new yard houses not two, not three, but four different kinds of iris! Better yet, they bloom with each variety slightly overlapping the one before, - I think my iris season will last for a good month!

With the first batch, I wanted to put together something big with lots of green and texture, playing the elegance of the irises (and my china pattern) off the rustic wildflowers (weeds) and the informality of a pitcher.

Thanks to the roadside and my yard, I have lots of wild goodies to clip. I have no idea what these weeds are (above), but aren't they cute? They turn from green to yellow over the course of the summer. 

The smell was wonderful too. How come nobody waxes lyrical over the fragrence of irises? This variety had a bright, fresh smell that was both spicy and sweet. Believe me, they have been well enjoyed!

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