Monday, May 11, 2015

Blooming Things

Can you tell I've been on a flower kick lately? ;-)

Usually my hobbies come in phases. I'll be into one thing for a while, then spend my free time delving into something else (or a few other things) before coming back around to the first again. Last year, with lots of paint and fabric choices to be made, it was interior decorating. This spring, being more or less low on either funds or energy needed for most house projects, I'm back into flowers.

I loved making this lush arrangement of lilac, virginia bluebells, flowering almond and rhododendron leaves. I wasn't sure how it would turn out without any large "focal flowers", but bunching the flower types and greenery together seemed to work well, and the smell was amazing!

I also made a bouquet out of the leftovers, just for the fun of trying it! It followed me around the house so I could enjoy smelling it now and again. I love simple luxuries that don't cost anything, and lilacs certainly qualify! Sugar Muffin had a few weddings with it too.

I've given myself permission to play around with flowers as much as I can for now, because once this pretty little blossom arrives in late summer . . .

. . . I'll have my hands full just getting supper on the table, let alone flowers!

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