Sunday, August 9, 2015

Now in Bloom

Garden zinnias, wild vines, and our own pretty Posy.

I know this isn't my kids blog, but I couldn't share Asher's story and then not put up any pictures of Posy. Besides, with pictures like this, who could resist? I mean, really!

It's been an interesting pregnancy, with an odd mix of emotions: still missing our little boy so much, but so excited about our little girl.

One thing that I didn't expect however was a total absence of fear. Fear an anxiety are such strong temptations for Mommies, and I'm as likely to give in as anyone else. But Kyle and I really haven't had any concerns about Posy, which I know is simply a gift from God! I am thankful.

So now she is here. She's such a good, sweet little baby, so alert and attuned to those around her! We are all smitten, and I am treasuring and enjoying every moment. 

Yes, even the fussy ones.

 P.S. There won't be anything up here on the blog for a couple weeks. After I'm back on my feet, I'm hoping to have some nursery pictures to post!

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