Saturday, April 18, 2015

In Bloom

Today I'm playing NurseMama, cleaning out buckets, and getting an inordinate amount of pleasure out of a vase full of tulips, hyacinths, pear blossoms and twigs.

Part of the fun of our new place has been playing with the new flowers coming up (and planting more!), and we are all loving these cherry tulips in my Husband's favorite color! They were a little short when I picked them, with limp, graceful curves, but by the next morning they were nearly as straight as arrows, and a good two inches taller! So I ran them outside and snapped another picture since they had '"grown into" my vase a little more, and here they are on day two.

The children have not always been quite successful at staying away from the "not for picking" flowers, but last night Snickerdoodle brought me a huge bouquet of these (perfectly legal) flowering weeds. When I suggested putting them into my new gold vase ($2 at Goodwill), his eyes got big, and when I got out the camera to take a picture of them, you could tell it made him feel like Big Stuff! I just love my sweet boys!

So, while l serve out crackers and clean up throw up, at least I'm well provided with flowers. ;-)

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  1. Hope everyone is well soon! At least at this time of year it's probably the last illness for awhile!