Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hints of Spring

We've had a couple of lovely days recently which have me savoring the evidence of spring.

A warm day so early in March had me looking for any excuse to get outside! I couldn't resist the opportunity to hang some laundry out on the line, just for the fun and the fresh, clean smell of it.

Stringbean sat in the one-and-only mud puddle in the whole yard. Poor boy couldn't help it - his new mud boots were stuck!

Mud and more mud - looks like spring to me!

I've been hovering over these little beauties for the past two weeks at least, and when cold weather threatened, I had to bring them in, even though they weren't fully opened yet. They have thrived in the warmth, and have the most lovely, if faint, fragrance. As the first blooms of the year, they're getting more attention that a lavish bouquet might in a few months!

Lovely days are coming!

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