Friday, November 15, 2013

Finally Done!

Hi folks! I'm still here, but with a bout of warmish weather last weekend, I spent my free time trying to finish painting the house. It's been a long, spread out project and it's ALMOST done (good thing too!). I'd like to share before and afters when it's done, as it's looking really cute, but we're not quite there yet.
In the midst of other swirling projects, I did get something off my sewing list. And it's not the navy blue floral dress. That project has been officially postponed, because I realized that two of her three Sunday dresses are navy blue! I also found a few thrift store dressed that fit the bill, (they are now altered and hanging in her closet) so we're covered in the Sunday dress department for now.
However, I did finish something this week that's been on the sewing table for a long time. I gave Sugar Muffin this old fashioned dress for Christmas, and it's been waiting for the finishing touches ever since! Arg! Well, better late than never, I suppose. I'm glad to have it finally done, and she hasn't wanted to take it off!
I made it a bit large (there's a hidden tuck in the bodice), so it will fit her for a while, and the time period could go anywhere from the 1830-1860s, as girl's everyday dresses didn't change much.

You can see the old fashioned shoulder seam placement in this photo. It has a nice full skirt, so she's been twirling and curtsying her way around the house. There's nothing we like better than a "twirly skirt"!

Ah, that felt good! Now I'm trying to calculate the chances of getting a bonnet finished before Christmas! ;-)

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